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Where Do We Go From Here - 31 Aug 2014

To think about where programming and the internet have been and where they are going is a little sad. We went from theoretical math based computers from Alan Turing, to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak giving us general home computing, and Mark Zuckerburg taking Facebook to your grandma, all in the course of a half-century. Where will we take computing after this?

Quantum computing will surely bring about a significant change to how we deal with a subset of problems but it isn’t a death knell for classical computers. The internet is flourishing and broadening it’s reach further and further each day. AI systems are getting smarter and better at understanding the world and us humans. Some properties of quantum mechanics are toying with the idea of instant teleportation of data, maybe it will bring about a computing communications revolution. But regardless, once every person on the planet can communicate with every other person, what will that bring to us as a civilization?